Proroute H900F 5G Router

We will soon be stocking the Proroute H900F Embedded 5G Router which can use any UK 5G Mobile network SIM card to provide high speed 5G Mobile Broadband Connectivity and deliver this to devices on the LAN via Gigabit Ethernet wired LAN connectivity or 802.11AC WiFi Wireless LAN connectivity. This high speed, Industrial grade 5G Router will provide a reliable, high speed, 5G Mobile Broadband connection for M2M applications where a higher sped 5G mobile broadband connection is required to send large amounts of data quickly using the higher speed 5G mobile network, where available. Of course, 5G speeds are determined by the mobile phone network provider so may differ between networks and also distance to the 5G base station and number of concurrent users and bandwidth restrictions or 5G throttling applied by the mobile phone networks will also impact the 5G speed that can be obtained by your 5G router.

The Proroute H900F router for 5G connectivity will work with a normal 5G Data SIM Card if you just require Internet access, but if you need remote connectivity to the router over 5G, then we recommend using a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card which will provide the router with a Fixed, public IP address so it can be remotely connected to and then the router can use port forwarding to connect to the devices on the LAN.

As this router will commonly be used for remote access and monitoring rather than just for office 5G connectivity it has all the usual M2M features expected of an industrial grade router including ping reboot, timed reboot, SMS reboot and built-in firewall.

The Proroute H900F Router for 5G connectivity will be available in Q4 of 2020.

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