CS2389 4G Signal Tester

One of the things that IoT devices and applications heavily rely upon are connections to the internet and a common way of providing Internet services for many M2M and IoT applications is via the mobile phone network.  Many devices may use legacy 2G / GPRS services and over the years these have transitioned to higher speed 3G and 4G services and there are new 4G modems designed for 4G networks to operate for small amounts of data and of course you will need to know what 2G, 3G or 4G services are available when installing or planning to install your 3G or 4G router or IoT device with embedded 3G/4G modem and that is where the handy CSL Dual CS2389 4G Signal Tester comes in handy.

Whilst we call the CS2389 a 4G Signal Tester, it does in fact work with all 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phone networks and can quickly identify all the available mobile phone mast and networks providers in your location along with signal strengths so you can ensure that you are using the correct network SIM card to ensure the best possible service and connectivity reliability for your IoT device or application.

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